Make sure your integration is always in communication with DEUNA.

Inbound Requests

Inbound requests refer to requests sent to your application or service from external sources, such as DEUNA or other third-party services.

We don't offer a list of IP addresses because they can change over time due to factors like ISP configuration adjustments. Relying on hard-coded IP addresses can lead to disruptions in receiving webhooks or other outbound requests coming from DEUNA.

To ensure seamless communication with our network, you can:

  1. Use a domain allowlist: add our domains to your domain allow list if your network configuration allows domain allowlisting.

Outbound Requests

Outbound requests are requests made by a client application to external servers or services outside of its own environment. These requests are used to fetch data, send data, or perform actions, typically using protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, etc.

Payment Gateways and Receivers

Some payment and fraud providers require incoming requests to come from only allowed IP addresses. This is the full list of individual IPs that outbound requests may come from: